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Hope Worship Songs

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to bring you what I am calling Hope Worship on this Good Friday. Good Friday is the eternal hope, isn’t it? Jesus laid down his life and gave us all hope through a promise that our sins died with him on the cross. As this pandemic continues to effect us all with lockdowns, limitations and financial uncertainty, I wanted to speak a little hope out into the world.

Hope Worship

I am a very musical person and it’s how I feel most connected with God. Worship music stirs my soul, it brings me joy, and gives me hope. Music has a way of connecting people with their emotions and allows their hearts to soar. It can lift your spirits, make you laugh, or make you cry. God made us very musical beings and his people have been crying out to him through song since he made us.

I listen to music a lot. If I am cleaning the house, I have music on. Taking a shower? Music on. Doing lesson plans? Music on. You get the picture. I mostly listen to music through Amazon Prime Music, but I also create playlists and go down bunny trails on Youtube.

So today I bring you a playlist I made called hope worship. Worship that brings hope and/or reminds us that God is in control. I’ll be adding to this list as I go along. If you are feeling down and weary as this quarantine time lingers, I invite you to get into this worship playlist and give your spirit some hope while you connect with God as he reminds you he’s always in control.

To view this playlist in Youtube, click here.

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