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Happy Memorial Day everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. Many of you, like us, are still doing stay at home orders and celebrating Memorial Day differently this year. Maybe this is a good thing. It can give us more time to reflect on the actual purpose of Memorial Day. This day is to commemorate, celebrate and be thankful for the men and women who lost their lives while serving our great nation.

Great Memorial Day Music

So fly your flag high, spend time with your family, maybe watch a patriotic movie or two and remember that we all wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the sacrifices of those soldiers who put their lives on the line and sadly lost them. I’m including some of my favorite tribute songs below to those lost soldiers. I think these songs really bring home the sacrifices of lost soldiers. Some are tear-jerkers and others really put you in the mind of the soldier. Though the stories in most of these songs are fictional, they are based on real sacrifices men and women make every year to keep us free.

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