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Day 118

So today I got a few pictures from the final bits of trim that happened after the pictures yesterday.  They were painting today…final paint and stain for the whole house, trim, stairs, etc, so I wasn’t there long (didn’t want to be in the way). The schedule had the stone…


Days 116 and 117-More Trim

So we have some pictures from today.  Trim is taking a little longer to finish, but it seems to be a real quality job which of course we appreciate.  Stone was scheduled to start yesterday for the fireplace and stone half wall, but none of that was going on yet…just…


Day 111-Cabinets and Trim

So yesterday (day 113) we went out to the build site to show my dad and his wife our house for the first time.  These pictures reflect the updates made at the end of Thursday and all of Friday. When we pulled up we noticed the stone was dropped off…


Day 100-Drywall Taping

The drywall crew was back today to start the process of taping/mudding/sanding.  It’s so funny how the little details really make such a difference in how you see the space.  Without the taping, it still looked so unfinished, but the mudding and taping really makes it start looking like real…


Day 61-Windows! Doors!

So as expected we arrived tonight to see windows and doors installed!  Yay!  We are finally safe from the elements! Service door at the garage: Door into the house from the garage: Lots and lots of windows! Laundry: Sunroom: Great Room: Homeschool Room: Craft room: Master Bedroom: Master Bathroom: Loft:…


Day 52-Updates and Style Decisions

We heard from our Field Manager today with some updates on how the next couple of weeks will go.  The roof/shingles should be installed either today or tomorrow.  We tentatively have a walk through scheduled for Thursday in the morning sometime, but won’t know if that’s a definite until tomorrow…


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