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House Build Choices We Love

In my last blog I talked about the house build choices we would change, but today I want to talk about the build choices that we love…even after 2 years! I say even after 2 years because sometimes you think you wanted something, but it doesn’t end up functioning or…


Days 93-95, Progress

On Monday, Day 93, the gutters and downspouts were installed.  We have what they call Greek Returns on our house and we are loving the look of gutters with that architectural detail.  They look so much nicer than the gutters at our old house since you really don’t see the…


A Long Week

So last week was a long week where not much got done for one reason or another.  On Monday, Day 86, Richard went by to find a long line of trucks in the driveway.  We had inspections that needed signed off on before we could proceed with drywall and there…


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