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Day 148-The Last Weekend

It’s the last weekend before we close on the house and move and we were busy packing, buying mirrors and in general trying to wrap up a bunch of little things we need to get done before move in.  Number one on that list was making sure the chlorine that…


Days 144-146

Wednesday (day 144) was to be final inspection day.  Our Field Manager told us he would submit for certificate of occupancy and it would take about a week.  We now understand that the week he was talking about was whatever time would be needed to remedy anything the inspectors complained…


Day 129

Today was the day the countertops were going in as well as the last day for final electric.  I prayed that either the electrician or the countertop installers would see my note about the Ethernet cable in the cabinet.  Today was also our Field Manager’s first day back to work…