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Day 51-Framing Complete! Days 10 and 11

Today I’m going to call the framing complete! We arrived to a nicely wrapped up house with shingles sitting on the top of the roof waiting to be installed. Not only was the outside looking all nice and tidy, but the dumpster is full where they threw out all the…


Day 47-Framing Days 8 & 9

What a difference a couple days make!  Tonight we pulled up to this sight!  We have a roof! And a few things new things were delivered!  A few doors and locks!  That first one is a paid upgrade that I wanted…a HINGED patio door.  I’m so tired of sliding glass…


Day 45-Framing Days 6 & 7

We went to the land tonight and pulled up to this! It’s looking more and more like a house! 😀 Here’s a few pics of the trusses from the inside. And some pics from other angles in the house.  Before we know it, it will all be enclosed.  It’s already…


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