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Days 137 and 138

Wednesday (Day 137) was not a very busy day at the house.  Creative Kid and I were there all day because we were supposed to meet Century Link to get our DSL set up for when we move in the house, they never showed up but that’s a complaint for…


Day 55-Rough Ins Day 2

Yesterday we got rain…and more rain…and more rain.  The rain was measured in inches for the area we are building and we didn’t know what to expect when we showed up this evening.  I didn’t know how soaked the ground would be or how bad the house would be since…


Day 54-Meetings and Rough Ins

Today we had two important meetings about the house.  The first was a walk through with our Field Manager now that framing is done.  Our FM is coming off some time off he had scheduled and is still coming up to speed with everything (I believe they can have a…