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Day 123-Miscommunication?

So today I was set to spend most of the day at the house because the electricians were supposed to be there and another company was going to meet me there to give me an estimate on having some stuff done to the garage floor.  As I previously noted, our…


Day 120

We decided to go back out to the house yesterday, day 120, because we had a few things we wanted to do in the house that we couldn’t do while the painters were inside the day before. I took a few more photos while I was there of some of…


Day 119-Mailbox and Paint

Today we headed out to the build to install our mailbox.  This seems like a simple task, right?  Not so fast.  We were not putting in a simple mailbox.  I wanted something to reflect the house, so I found a cast stone mailbox post cover kit, then I bought an…