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3rd/4th Grade Curriculum Picks

It’s a new school year so it’s time to talk about our 3rd/4th grade curriculum picks. It’s homeschool so you know how it is, we don’t really stick to one traditional school grade. Stephen by traditional school by age should be in 3rd grade, but we’re doing curricula that spans…


10 Ways to De-stress Your Homeschool

Today I wanted to bring you my top 10 ways to de-stress your homeschool. Let’s face it, homeschool has its ups and downs. Everyone has bad days, there are favorite subjects and hated subjects and power struggles because it’s hard being the teacher and also the parent sometimes. Even certain…


Why We’re Dropping All About Reading

I never thought I would say this, but we’re dropping All About Reading, but not for reasons you may think.Β  When I first looked for a reading program after having failed to try to teach Creative Kid with some simple teaching reading books that CK didn’t take to, I did…