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Easter and April Fools

Happy Easter, everyone!  He is risen!  I pray that everyone is having a great Easter celebration with their family.  This year was unique in that Easter landed on April 1st, i.e. April Fool’s Day, and I could not let this opportunity go to waste.  Creative Kid loves pranks and joking…


I Just Need Some Space

Every once in a while you just need a break from the insanity on a really rough mom day.  I stumbled upon another mom’s Youtube channel shortly after it’s launch who just hits the spot when you need to laugh or else you’ll cry from one of “those days”.  Deva…


Bathtub Conversations

While Creative Kid was taking his bath recently we were playing with his foam bath roads and vehicles. He was a taxi and I was a police car so I pretended to pull him over and give him a ticket for speeding. This hilarious conversation ensued: Me: I’m going to…


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