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Easter and April Fools

Happy Easter, everyone!  He is risen!  I pray that everyone is having a great Easter celebration with their family.  This year was unique in that Easter landed on April 1st, i.e. April Fool’s Day, and I could not let this opportunity go to waste.  Creative Kid loves pranks and joking…


DIY Lego Table

Let me start out by saying this project is not cheap.  If you are looking for an economical way to make a Lego table, this tutorial is not for you. However, if your child is obsessed with Legos and you want to make a table that will stand the test…


Minecraft-A Family Game

Do you play video games with your kids or do your kids play alone?  I was recently talking with one mom about Minecraft and she was impressed that I knew so much about the game and that I actively played it with Creative Kid instead of him playing the game…


Amish Country

East and a little North of Columbus is Holmes County, Ohio.  To many this is known as Amish Country.  While most people connect Amish Country to areas of Pennsylvania, those who know much about Amish history know that there is a significant and flourishing Amish community here in central Ohio….


Jolly Hoppers

If you live in Lancaster, have a little one, and haven’t been to Jolly Hoppers, then you’re missing out!  Kids love this place and my little guy is no exception.  We held his 5th birthday party there last fall and he had a blast getting to have the place all…


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