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Day 52-Updates and Style Decisions

We heard from our Field Manager today with some updates on how the next couple of weeks will go.  The roof/shingles should be installed either today or tomorrow.  We tentatively have a walk through scheduled for Thursday in the morning sometime, but won’t know if that’s a definite until tomorrow…


Ups….and Downs

So today, the electric company got our temporary pole up! Yay!  We were so excited when we heard this news and were chomping at the bit for tomorrow’s dig.  We had already scheduled the next two days off in anticipation of the watching the dig and possibly the footers be…


Impatiently Waiting

We are impatiently waiting to be able to close on our construction loan so we can move forward with the new house build. The compromise we worked out with the neighbor who had built the edge of his barn on our property is taking a while to get through the…