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House Build Choices We Love

In my last blog I talked about the house build choices we would change, but today I want to talk about the build choices that we love…even after 2 years! I say even after 2 years because sometimes you think you wanted something, but it doesn’t end up functioning or…


Day 130

Today I was at the build to meet a concrete floor coating company to get an estimate on doing a finish on our floor.  We don’t plan to do it right away as it is a pricey expense, but it is something we want to do to protect the new…


Day 129

Today was the day the countertops were going in as well as the last day for final electric.  I prayed that either the electrician or the countertop installers would see my note about the Ethernet cable in the cabinet.  Today was also our Field Manager’s first day back to work…