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Day 108-Priming

Today they primed the walls.  We were not there long, but we brought them the paint Creative Kid picked out as it was done separately from the Wayne Homes contract, so we got to see a glimpse of the colors as they prime with the same color as the final…


Day 66-Slab Prep

We heard from our Field Manager on Tuesday morning giving us the heads up that we passed the slab prep inspection and that the concrete would be poured on Thursday.  He also updated us on a couple additional items and what to expect in the next week or two.  We…


Day 19-Holy Concrete Trucks, Batman!

We went to the land today to meet someone local to get an estimate for tree clearing.  We like the people we have been using, but this next part is such a big job we wanted to do our due diligence and get a couple of estimates.  We will be…