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2nd Grade Round Up

This week is the first week of our new school year so here is a brief 2nd grade round up for last year. Check out our curriulum pics and this mid year update to see what all we chose. Last year we tried some new things and stuck with some…


2nd Grade Mid Year Update

I thought I would do a little mid year update of our homeschool plan. You’re probably thinking, “Mid year? Aren’t you about a month late for that?” Well no actually. We start the day after Labor Day and go through the end of July, so this is about our mid-point….


2nd Grade Curriculum!

We’re a little over a week away from starting our new school year, yay?! ? We get very little breaks around here as year round homeschoolers so I have mixed emotions about getting back into the swing of things. On one hand I can’t wait until we get back into…