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Summer Homeschool

Do you have summer homeschool? We homeschool all year round and take breaks based on my husband’s work schedule. I do tend to take August off so I can plan and prepare the following school year’s curriculum as well. This past school year has been rough on us personally. Then…


2nd Grade Curriculum!

We’re a little over a week away from starting our new school year, yay?! ? We get very little breaks around here as year round homeschoolers so I have mixed emotions about getting back into the swing of things. On one hand I can’t wait until we get back into…


1st Grade Round Up

Another year has come and (almost) gone in our homeschool. We homeschool year round here at Lighthouse Christian Academy so in some ways it feels like we’re never really done for the year. We do take a short break in August to give us all a breather as sometimes you…