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So today, the electric company got our temporary pole up! Yay!  We were so excited when we heard this news and were chomping at the bit for tomorrow’s dig.  We had already scheduled the next two days off in anticipation of the watching the dig and possibly the footers be poured.  Richard contacted our Field Manager to give him the news and to find out what time we should be at the land tomorrow and he gave us some bad news.

Our septic/driveway contractor who is also being contracted by Wayne Homes to be the excavator on our project is backed up on another septic job because of the rain we had earlier in the week.  Our dig day has now been moved out until Monday.  We know these things can and will happen through the course of the project, but we were a little disappointed to say the least.

Now we are scrambling to rearrange our schedules.  Because of the rearranging we will only be taking one day off for the beginning of the build and that is obviously dig day, Monday.  It is what it is.  I figure I will be saying that a lot in the next few months. 🙂

We were also told that the people who do the forms for the poured concrete basement walls (an upgrade we definitely wanted) were behind in their schedule by about 10 days.  So that’s another delay, but these random rain showers will do things like that many times over I am sure.  So even once the foundation is dug out and the footers poured, there will probably be about a week minimum of no progress.

Ultimately they have a 135 day guarantee from the time of finished foundation, which includes backfill and water proofing.  I also know they are often running ahead of schedule in delivery from what we have seen on other blogs and have heard from staff.  I haven’t added up the days, but we are hoping for an August closing.  This would allow us to finish up our short term lease without having to go to month-to-month, which costs more money per month.  It would also give us some cushion to move in before our first full payment on the house, which would be nice as we all know there will be extra purchases for the new house that need to be made.

T-minus 5 days…

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