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Sell This House!

So it’s been about 24 hours since our house went on the market and I am anxious and nervous.  We’ve had no request for showings yet, but we’ve had over 180 views of the listing on Zillow and 3 saves.  Is this good?  I don’t know.  It went on the market at the beginning of the week so I am assuming those people who want showings will probably request it towards the weekends when most people are off work.  I hate the waiting.

In the meantime we are continuing to do anything we can do to make the house more presentable.  We had a drip in one faucet, so we fixed that.  It rained recently and we noticed one gutter must have been clogged a little, so we dug out the leaves.  At the same time we are continuing to pack.  A large amount of stuff is being housed in storage units since our plan is to rent for up to a year while we have our dream house built.  Those 2 units are filling up fast, so we’re purging what we can and packing up as much stuff in a way that it will stack.  Most of what we can pack to go to storage, has been done.

So now we move on to things that we can pack to go to the rental.  Those boxes we plan to just stack in the garage until it is time to go, so that is what we are now working on.  However, we have no idea how long it will take to sell our house, so anything that should not be in the cold I cannot put in the garage as it will be getting colder weather soon.  I think we have a good plan of attack on selling our house and have leads on places to rent once we do, but until the house sells it feels like everything is up in the air.

I hate the uncertainty and will definitely feel better once we get some showings.  Columbus’ market is very hot right now and some of that transfers to outer suburbs and while Lancaster technically isn’t a suburb of Columbus, it is definitely growing that direction.

A lot of praying going on right now that everything works out quickly so we can move on.  The house feels like a tether holding us back.

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