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We received a message from the contractor doing our septic and our driveway that he had started the driveway and wanted us to go out to the land to take a look at what he had done.  We didn’t know he was going to go out there and start on it without letting us know, so it came as a surprise.  A good surprise in the long run because we need to get the driveway done before Wayne Homes will start digging.

So we ran out to the land as soon as we could, and let me tell you, it was so nice to be able to pull into the beginnings of a driveway instead of pulling onto the side of the road where we either risk being hit by a car or getting stuck in the mud in the ditch.  With the weather we have had, it has been quite a challenge to get anything done and our contractor said he got through the area where the trees were cut down (the former railroad bed), but could not go any further because of the water still sitting on the land.


So far we are really impressed with this contractor.  He believes in doing things right and will not skimp and risk the long term quality, even at his own expense.  He gives a certain quote per foot and he said if he goes over that or has to use more rock to make it stable, it will not affect our quote.  I appreciate someone who has standards of excellence for themselves and their work.

On our way back to the car, Creative Kid found a heart shaped rock that he fell in love with and we moved it to the side of the driveway so it wouldn’t get displaced.  He found love in the midst of the mud and the muck and it spoke to my heart as a theme for this whole process right now.  We must keep our eye on the prize at the end.  We must focus on the fact that before the end of this year we will be in our dream home, enjoying the freedom and adventures of our 4 acres of land and having the space to have our friends and family over to make memories that will last a lifetime.  All of the setbacks, the frustrations and delays will soon be a distant memory in the light of the love in our new home.  Perspective.

Rock Heart


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