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Today was finally the day for us to stake out the house.  We were meeting a new field manager at the land at 10 a.m. for what we were told normally takes about a half an hour, but ended up taking twice that.  There was a lot of back and forth about where to put the house.  While the field manager originally said he’d put it wherever we wanted, the more he talked it was obvious that was not the case.  We had differing opinions on where the water was worse and therefore where we should put the house.  To make matters worse, our new land plan showed one thing but his measurements were a bit different.

Honestly I was unhappy with what we settled on, but I’m also trying to help keep the costs down because at this point I know we’re going to over run our PPI’s and with the placement a bit more forward the driveway will be a bit shorter and cost a little less.  To make matters worse though he wants to build up the house elevation significantly and is talking about how we will need more money for all of that and starts looking at where in the PPI’s he can take money out to pay for those costs.  Immediately my money for my barn doors gets taken out (I pointed out that we could do that if absolutely necessary) and he acts like the money I am spending on appliances is high…which I’m a bit perturbed about to say the least since I didn’t go with high end appliances, but I’m not going to buy super cheap stuff I have to replace in a few years either.


In the end he says he will listen to what things our driveway/septic guy says about the land placement because he respects his opinion a great deal, but says we’ll probably go over by 3-5 thousand.  Now keep in mind, I already know we will be going over by about that same amount because of the length of our driveway and the drainage we have to do for that.  He says we’ll hear from him by Monday to sign new paperwork changes with a new plan for the elevations.  We all also agree at this point that we’re going to have to push out the dig date because we’re still waiting on permits and we still have to start the construction drive and get temporary electric. To say I’m a bit stressed would be an understatement and I felt more comfortable with the first field manager and his way of doing things than I do with this one and this guy is 75% sure he will be the one doing our house.

I’m nervous for the months to come…and feeling a little bit disrespected….

Thanks for reading!


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