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So today our driveway/septic contractor and our Wayne Homes Field Manager met us out at the land to re-stake the house. Our contractor felt the placement needed to be moved back at least 10 feet because while he was out there working on the driveway after the rain he could see that the slope of our neighbor’s land made water flow through into our land and right into where our garage would be based on the original staking.

With all of us out on the land, it was determined that we should move it back about 16-18 feet and they went to work on making the adjustment to the stakes and the flags.  The land was a bit drier at this point so it made the work a bit easier.  The placement is now, ironically, right back to the area my husband and I had originally staked out as the placement for the house before the Field Manager insisted on moving it because he thought the land was drier in the front.  To say I feel a little vindicated and validated after today would be an understatement.

We also learned today that our driveway/septic contractor was putting in a bid with our field manager to dig the foundation out for Wayne.  We hope this works out because of our trust in him and his high standards…we know it will be done right for sure if he gets the job.  Our field manager also seems very comfortable with him and has done a lot of work with him, so hopefully that is a mark in his favor.

As far as the house placement, it is still not completely set in stone.  The surveyor will be coming out tomorrow to help us adjust the placement ever so slightly to get the angle I want to try to match the angle of the road so the house will be parallel to the road.  He is mostly coming out to verify that the house is well within the set backs.  Wayne Homes is requiring this verification because we have a wide house and a narrow lot; however, to me it seems a bit of overkill since we’re clearly within the setback limits. ?‍♀️  More tomorrow…

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