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We paid the estimated bill today to get the electric hook up started.  We were given an estimate which included a fee for joining the co-op to begin with then a cost for trenching and burying the line of $6 per linear foot.  For us, this estimate total came to $1520.

We also had to sign an easement that covers the whole area where the line is under ground and with a pretty wide berth.  I’m not completely happy about this because we had a lot of easements on our old property.  While I have no problem giving them access to the line in case something happens that needs to be fixed…I want power after all.  I do object to the huge amount of space they want and much of the wording it in basically acting like you can do nothing with that property.  This is so not going to happen because it’s a massive over reach.  Will I try to avoid putting trees over the line or other landscaping in the way in case there is a problem?  Of course.  But I’m not going to just do nothing with 3,500 square feet of our front and side lawn.

They are supposed to come out and put the electric pole and do the trenching to the temporary electric position (about 100 feet from the house) in the next two weeks.  They know that we are trying to hit an April 26th dig date, so hopefully it will all fall into place.  Once the house is further along in the process, they will connect the permanent electric and bury the cable all the way to the meter that will be on the side of the house.  The full cost of the trenching was required up front though and was part of what we paid today.

Another small step forward…

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