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Today we went out to the land to reposition our camera again and to start marking the trees that will need to be taken down for the septic system.  When we got there we were greeted with a nice surprise!  The excavator had been there earlier in the day and had done some scraping and grading of the lot and had his vehicles parked in the back, ready for Monday’s dig!  Yeah!  Baring any weird hiccups, we will definitely be digging on Monday.

Creative Kid next to the contruction machinery

We didn’t get the trees marked because we saw that the city had placed different flags than the contractor and we don’t know exactly how far back we now have to go because the white ones are further back than the contractor’s flags.  We also didn’t get the camera repositioned because the ground was too soft and when we put the ladder down, it sank into the ground.  We are going to have to buy a piece of board to put at the bottom of the tree to stabilize the ground for the ladder.

So no, we didn’t get either of the things done we wanted to do this afternoon on the land, but we were greeted with such a nice surprise that we don’t even care! 😀

T-minus 3 days…

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