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So today was moving day!  Yay! We’ve worked our butts off to prepare for this day and I still don’t feel like I was fully prepared as my kitchen was not 100% packed.  We have done a lot though and because we are moving so early, our closing date has been moved up by about a week.  We made the decision to move earlier than we anticipated because we think it will be better for Creative Kid to be in our new environment for as long as possible before my husband’s overseas trip.  This way we’ll have about a week and a half together before he flies out and is gone for about another week and a half.  He has been off for 3 weeks and will have to take a couple more days off for us to finish moving some things out of the house and clean it up from the move before we hand over the keys to the new owners.

This whole process has been exhausting and I don’t think I am fully processing the fact that we are leaving the home that we have lived in for almost 17 years and contains so many memories.  Right now I feel like I am just trying to survive the process and keep my head above water by just moving forward.  I’m sure it will hit me at some point, but maybe not as much as my husband.  It’s not that I am not as sentimental and nostalgic as he is, but I think I have hated this house for so long and thought we would never be able to sell it and that we were just suck here that I will feel more relief than anything.

However, the small apartment is going to take some getting used to as we now have about 60% of the living space we had before and that doesn’t include the basement that we semi-finished…..and we were outgrowing that house!  Homeschooling will probably be the most challenging part as the dining room is not even a separate room and is more of an eat in kitchen with very little space to spread out once we move in the homeschooling cabinets.  Here’s to hoping the next 7 months fly by quickly!

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