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Day two of our grass preparation was fairly uneventful. The owner of the landscape business himself stopped by in the morning briefly and then came back and spent about 2 hours in the afternoon tilling up the ground. He’s very hands on and has been out here every day participating in the work, running the bobcat himself most of the time.

Not all of our lines got marked for some reason so he had to make some estimates where the gas line was from the propane tank to the house for example. I don’t know why these weren’t properly marked, but he estimated and then gave them a wide berth. I assume that untouched land will be roughed up through the rest of the grading process, just on a much shallower level.

Panorama from the front porch.
This area not roughed up is where our phone/dsl line is buried.
You can see the area where he approximated the line ran and avoided it.

Expect an update on day 3 tomorrow!

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