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So where I last left off with our very basic first landscaping project, the landscaper was set to come out and spray the weeds from tree line to tree line in front and back and from property line to property line from side to side. It took an extra day to get that done, but it all was sprayed on a Friday afternoon.

The spray had to sit for 7 days before it can be replanted so the following Friday we heard from the landscaper who said he would be here on the following Monday to start the rest of the process and that the utility lines were set to be marked although he didn’t know if that would be done on Friday or on Monday.

Over the weekend I took these pictures of the effectiveness of the spray. It did really well on tall grasses/weeds and regular grass that had overgrown and did fairly well on crabgrass. What it didn’t do as well on was the clover, so anywhere in these pictures where it is green is basically all clover. The spray that was used was not a heavy chemical spray so I am not surprised that all weeds do not react to it, but overall it did a good job.

The weed kill worked well down the side of the driveway on the high weeds. We didn’t mow this area at all this summer so it’s some of the highest growth. Some water tends to collect in some of the area so it will be good to see what it looks like once finished.
Here’s a picture of that front angle where you can see a lot of the high weeds that has been killed.
Behind the driveway in the back.
The back yard. In the future more of the trees you see to the left will be removed for a play equipment area for Stephen, but that area will be wood chipped so it was not necessary to have grass only to be covered in wood chips later.
We took some paint and marked out where we want to put the gravel path. This is temporary until we decide what kind of side walk we want for certain and no matter what we decide the gravel will serve as a good starting base.
A panoramic of the front yard from the porch perspective.

So yesterday, Monday, the landscapers were out in the afternoon cutting down the killed weeds and starting on the grading. They also dug out the area for our future sidewalk and filled it in as a gravel path. We have the area where water sits as a low spot that he also filled in a bit and started digging out our future dry creek bed a little more where it got filled in during the build because the drywall deliverers didn’t want to traverse it. Here’s some pictures from day 1.

All the weeds that were killed have been cut and you can see where some of the sculpting of the land has been done.
All the weeds are cut down!
Some of the low spot has been filled in with dirt taken from the dry creek bed area and sidewalk dig. We haven’t actually been able to see the electric box in months because of the overgrowth.
Panoramic from the front porch.

So that concludes our first day of real change. Day 2 is looking like it will simply be tilling up the ground and I may have a few pictures to share after that but probably nothing all that dramatic. We’re glad though that getting grass is finally on the horizon. We have plans to do more work ourselves over the fall, but this major bit it simply too big for us to tackle on our own.

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