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Land Clearing Time!

So today was a big day for us on the home build front, we were finally going to start clearing the land and cutting down trees to make way for the driveway.  This is the first big step towards getting the foundation staked out and moving forward with  the prerequisites for building:  construction driveway installed, temporary electricity and permits.

We were praying the land had dried out enough to get the trees and bushes cut down for the driveway and clearing where the house is going to be brush hogged.  We got to the lot early so we could mark out what trees we wanted kept on the sides of the drive.  Technically the driveway is supposed to be 12 feet wide, but knowing there will be lots of equipment going through and that we may have to curve the driveway a little bit, we are choosing to have 20 feet cleared.  After they can get through on that path, the plan was to clear the field of the overgrown briars, saplings and weeds that were a good 3 foot high.

We had good news and bad news by the end of the day.  The trees were cut down and stumps ground down without much trouble, but when they went to take the brush hog back into the field to mow down the overgrowth, the tractor made deep ruts because the ground was just still too wet.   The plan for now is to wait a little while longer for the ground to dry out and then use a walk behind brush hog to try to do the mowing so the sinking in won’t be a problem.  I’m not happy this is dragging out, but there’s really nothing we can do about it as the weather is just not cooperating.  Still is is so nice to be able to finally see through to our land and not be ducking under briars and tree limbs when we meet contractors out at the land.

Progress… Path for the driveway

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