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So things have been moving fast with the house sale.  The inspection was scheduled quickly and came back with some things we sort of expected and some we did not and some that were just down right silly.  In the end the fixes are going to cost more than I would have liked, but we had wiggle room in the offer to absorb the costs, it just means we won’t be left with much extra left over since we already pulled out most of our equity when we bought the land.

My life is a bit crazy between packing, selling items we’ve decided we didn’t want to pay to put in storage (we are up to 3 storage units now), scheduling workers and trying to do everything we need to do to get out of this place in time…oh and there’s this pesky little thing called Christmas thrown in there that I can’t ignore since we have a 6 year old.

Thankfully my husband’s scheduled time off starts on Christmas Day and goes for a minimum of 2 weeks, but we’re thinking we may move the first week of January, so he will have to take another week.  We’ve found an apartment to rent for the short term.  It’s a little higher than I wanted to pay but it is close to my husband’s job so it will mean a ton more family time than we are getting today.

Less than a month until we sign closing docs….

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