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Today I want to bring you a post I have been meaning to make for a while, our home build timeline. I’ve been wanting to condense our home build process onto one master post. This way you can see the flow of our home build and anyone else who is looking to build with Wayne Homes or anyone else for that matter, can see what our process and timeline looked like. Warning: this will be a long post!

Home Build Timeline

When we were looking to build, we honestly didn’t have a clue of how long the process took or what the steps were. We did lots of searches for blog posts and build timelines for Wayne Homes and found a few helpful ones out there, but overall there weren’t many. For most people who blog their build they get so wrapped up in the build that they trail off on the blog. I wanted this blog to be a repository of help for those who were like us when we first started.

Choosing a Builder

I didn’t start blogging our process at the beginning. In fact I rushed to get the blog back up and running before I had planned. I had a different blog before this one that had a slightly different focus and the transition to this one was rushed because I knew I didn’t want to miss blogging the build in real time. So our process for narrowing down which builder we were going to use is not up here.

I will tell you that we had a consultation with four different builders in less than 2 weeks and made a decision of who we would go with within a month. One we ruled out right away because of a lack of professionalism on the part of the consultant. Another we ruled out because their price was inflated simply because they managed all aspects of the build and they didn’t seem to be listening to me when I requested a custom elevation with certain features. They didn’t seem to be able to think outside of their box.

New Wayne Homes Sign

The final two really came down to the consultant, and which company could give us what we were looking for. There are builders out there that say they are custom home builders, yet seemingly discourage anything that’s not a simple swap of materials. They tell you they need to talk with the team that makes changes to get you a quote, but seemingly forget about those changes. We signed a contract with Wayne Homes at the end of September.

Buying Land/Selling Our House

After we chose a builder and signed a contract, our next focus was on selling our current house and finding land on which to build our new beautiful home. The selling of our existing home and purchase of our land is not the focus of this post so I will skip most of that, but during that time frame we also met with the design consultant.

Buying Land

The process of selling our home and buying land added about 3 months or so to our timeline. We are a bit risk adverse so we did not want to start building the new house until the old house was sold. We were in the process of buying our land while our house was on the market. The purchase of the land took about 2 months and the house sale was finalized about a month and a half after that. This took us into the middle of January.

Design Consultation

What do you think when you hear the title, design consultant? I pictured someone who would sit with us, get a little idea of what we were looking for and help us navigate through the options available to find our style. Yeah….no, that’s not what happened. We realize later that we were probably the beneficiary of a design consultant who already had one foot out the door and was phoning it in. This part of the process was the only place we were truly disappointed.

Our design meeting kind of went like this:
Design Consultant: This is the lighting package that comes with the plan, is this good enough?
Us: Uhh, I guess? What are the other options?
Design Consultant: There’s some other options in this binder, but this is what comes with the plan. Are we good?
Us: Uhh, okay? I guess we can upgrade it later.

This kind of scenario replayed itself for hours. We didn’t get through it and she said we could just finish up what little was left on the day of our construction meeting. Once we left, we realized we just weren’t happy. We didn’t get to see all the options, we thought of things we hadn’t even gone over that weren’t on the end of the list for next time and in many things we felt we were just railroaded into accepting whatever was part of the base package because she didn’t always have prices or other information we needed to make an educated decision.

Being Our Own Design Consultants

In the end we decided to go back on our own to the design studio…not once, but twice. We spent several hours going through everything we had gone through with the design consultant. Slowly and methodically we went through every singe option to make sure we were happy with our choices. We sent emails and more emails to get prices on the upgrades we were interested in, and even went to the manufacturers websites for some items to see all the options available.

In the end I am pretty happy with 99% of our choices. I can tell you though if we wouldn’t have went back on our own and really looked at everything and how it was going to go together instead of feeling pushed to accept the basics….we would not have been happy at all. So don’t let yourself get pushed around or sped through the process. This is your dream home, you need to be happy with the options you choose!

This should take us up to the point I started blogging about the build, so without further ado here is our condensed home build timeline.

Home Build Timeline



Parting Thoughts

Over all our build went fairly well. We had a large build and some delays due to weather and contractor availability as the weather had a lot of people backed up. We noticed one contractor in particular though took advantage of when our field manager was on vacation. This didn’t cause major issues but our stone around our fireplace is directly on our LVP instead of on the subfloor because of this issue. Whenever we update the flooring this will mean the flooring around the fireplace will have to be cut in order to remove it. Not a major issue, but definitely due to a contractor not showing up when they were supposed to be here.

If we had to do it all over again we would still pick Wayne Homes. We were blessed with a great new home consultant and field manager and those two people made all the difference in making our dream into a reality. If anyone is reading this who is contemplating building with Wayne Homes and has questions or just has questions about the build process in general, don’t hesitate to post a comment or message me through my contact me page or on my Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!


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