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This morning we met our surveyor out at the land to do two things: 1. To verify that the foundation of the house is well within the set back limits for our county. 2. To adjust the angle of the house slightly to be fairly parallel with the road.  The first is to satisfy a Wayne Homes requirement, the second is to satisfy me.  Our road is at a different angle than our land and I want to make sure our house does not sit at a weird angle in relation to the road angle.  Everyone seems to think this is not a big deal, but it is to me and the aesthetics I want to accomplish with our landscaping require it to look parallel.

The surveyor agreed that the stakes were well within the setback limits for the county (20 feet on sides) and honestly seemed to question why Wayne Homes was requiring him to verify it when it was so obvious.  He also didn’t think the angle would be noticed by most people but understood what I wanted and helped us move the stakes to change the angle.  In the end I think the closest stake is 36 feet from the property line, so even with the slight overhang from the roof, there is no possible problem with encroachment.  Thankfully, because he didn’t have to be there that long and I think he felt bad we were even having to do it, he only charged us $100.

Other than any small technical adjustments, this should be the last change to the placement of the house on the land.  Baby steps, but we’re moving forward!

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