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So our excavator sent us photos today of the downspout and sump pump underground discharge piping he put in last Friday.  He had to connect the 8 downspouts and the 2 sump pump lines together and then ran them out to a low spot in the side of the front yard.  We requested photos so when we do future projects, we will know where the lines run.  The house is 72 ft wide and 58 ft deep in the deepest part so he had to use 310 ft of pipe to get it all funneled out to the front.

Seriously our excavation/driveway/septic contractor was excellent and helped us out so much with our land.  He may not be the cheapest, but you are paying for quality work and when it comes to things that can cost thousands of dollars to fix if done wrong, I’d rather pay a little more up front to make sure those problems don’t happen.  If you are in central Ohio and need someone to do this type of work, be sure to look up CDK Structures.

That’s all for this post.  We plan to go out to the house tomorrow night to see what additional progress is made on the drywall and we will be picking up our final piece of lighting that we are installing outside of the Wayne contract as well.  I can’t wait until we can take it all to the house though because all of these things are taking up a lot of room in our tiny apartment.  Now that we have picked Creative Kid’s bedroom color and have all the lighting, we are moving on to figuring out dimmers (only $5 per to install if we provide them, $35 if they provided them and they would have been normal dimmers…we’re trying to put in some smart dimmers), deciding on a water softener and installing a mailbox soon.

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