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On Monday, Day 93, the gutters and downspouts were installed.  We have what they call Greek Returns on our house and we are loving the look of gutters with that architectural detail.  They look so much nicer than the gutters at our old house since you really don’t see the gutters at all except for the downspouts.  We are now responsible for putting on temporary tubing  onto the downspouts so that the water is directed away from the house.

This was also Day 2 of the stonework and look how great it looks!  There is still some work to do on either side of the porch roof, but it’s looking sooooo nice. I can’t wait until the stonework is completed, the posts on the porch are finished and the front door and sidelights are painted black. When it’s all done I will post a side by side picture of my drawing I gave to our consultant at Wayne Homes and what the reality looks like, but I can tell you this is looking pretty close to exactly what I designed!  ?  My only irritation with how it looks is that vent that is in the front right stone tower in between the floors.  It’s the exhaust fan from the downstairs bathroom.  I have no idea why they took it out through the front tower instead of bending it to the right to come out the side of the tower where the regular siding is located.  It can’t be changed really at this point, but it’s forever going to annoy me.

Now for some gutter pictures:

Monday was also supposed to be the beginning of drywall, but one of the workers were sick so that got postponed a day.

We had planned to go out to put the tubing on the downspouts on Tuesday, Day 94, but the weather did not cooperate and the ground was still fairly wet.  We did get to see some of the drywall go up.

Creative Kid’s room:

Guest Bedroom/Office:

Game Room:

2nd Story Foyer:

Today, Wednesday Day 95, we headed out to put the tubing on the downspouts.  This wasn’t that difficult or that expensive.  The ground was still muddy and wet in places but most of the area right around the house was not bad enough to sink in while walking.

The drywall people were there still doing work when we got there.  Here are some pics from day 2 of drywall.

CK’s Bedroom:

Kitchen Can Lights:

We found this pile of nails they had collected in the garage.  That’s A LOT of nails.  I don’t know where all they came from, but goodness!

A view from the kitchen area into the greatroom:

A view of the work around the switch areas:

Hallway ceiling:


Game Room:

Great Room:

Guest Bedroom/Office:

So as you can see, things are going well this week!  The drywall people said it would take 3 days to put up the drywall, so we are assuming they will be done with hanging the drywall tomorrow.  Of course taping and mudding still needs to happen and the ceiling texture will need to be applied, but certainly the drywall hanging is going quickly for only a crew of 2.

The only downside to our little journey out to the house today is that was CK accidentally left his beloved stuffed animal, a Minecraft dog he named Wink (after StacyPlay’s Dogcraft dog).  He was heartbroken when he went to bed and realized Wink was not with us and that he probably left him at the house.  Tears were shed, a devastated 6 year old said prayers and we realized that tomorrow we would probably not have time to go see if we could find it.  So Richard spent an hour and a half going out to the house, searching with a flashlight in the dark and tracking down the little critter.  Richard then came home and tucked him into bed with CK.  Someone will be very happy in the morning.

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