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Wednesday (Day 137) was not a very busy day at the house.  Creative Kid and I were there all day because we were supposed to meet Century Link to get our DSL set up for when we move in the house, they never showed up but that’s a complaint for a different blog. ?  While we were there the tile shower was completed though and it looks wonderful!

Day 138 though was very busy with final plumbing.  I have some pictures at the beginning and near the end of the day.  They were still finishing up when we got there in the evening.  Some things like the tile shower (if you could read the note on the first picture you’d know why) were not yet done.  They let us know they would be finishing up today (Day 139) and turning on the water…so no more port a potty for us! ?  We won’t be able to drink the water though until we chlorinate the well and get it to pass the health department.  We had originally called someone to do this for us because we are so busy, but after playing phone tag with the office person and the actual technician not contacting us, I think we’ll be tackling this ourselves this weekend.  Anyway, on to the plumbing!

A lot of fixtures being staged around the house:

Work in the basement not only included putting in the water softener, but also finishing up all the basement piping and plumbing for the water softener:

Now for fixtures!

My little splurge, a pot filler:

Goose next kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer and a soap pump.

Utility sink in the laundry room:

We also added a utility sink in the garage so we don’t have to bring dirty tools or buckets or any other equipment into the house just to get water or to wash things off.

Powder room:

Master Bathroom:

Main Bath:

Also yesterday it appears the stone installers were back to finish off the hearth.  The mortar was still drying while we were there and I am hopeful that it will all dry and then blend in as right now you can definitely tell which stone was not put in at the same time.

So what’s next?  Well like I said, today the rest of the plumbing will be done which I don’t think is a lot at this point.  They will turn on the water and I am sure they will test connections, but they will be done.  Tomorrow is carpet install and then all the major things are done.  There is still painting on the porch to do on both the columns and the front door and sidelight pieces.  There’s also a million touch ups and such that will be done by the painters as well from where workers have scuffed up the paint or a gouge has happened here or there from tools or materials.  There are some door knobs being swapped out, some cabinet handles to be put on that needed to be swapped out, the cabinet that was too short still needs to be swapped out and basically a couple handfuls of little things that I think our Field Manager is planning to have done while we’re waiting on the Certificate of Occupancy.

And of course there’s the cleaning!  Oh the dust!

For us we’re going out there tomorrow to work on chlorinating/disinfecting the well, install a network rack and starting to connect all of our Ethernet lines (this whole thing is a big project), we need to do some weed eating and we may also spread seed in the septic area.  Everyone in the building industry told us we should wait for a year for the land to settle before we plant as we may have to roll it otherwise.  On the other hand every landscaper we have talked to said fall is prime planting season and we should go ahead and plant grass seed and that the settling will most likely be minimal.  However they are not realizing how much our main area was reformed by our excavator to deal with the water issues.

We’re still deciding if we’re going to plant any see in the main area this year.  The general rule of thumb for Ohio is that we need to get it in the ground by October 15th, but we do think we will go ahead and plant grass seed in the septic area as that section wasn’t torn up as much and we feel it will benefit the septic system to get grass growing as soon as possible.

Also on the to do list this weekend is to try to find mirrors I like so we can go ahead and get them up before we move in.  We chose to buy our own mirrors because I wanted framed mirrors instead of basic builder grade frameless mirrors.  However I haven’t had any that I have seen so far jump out at me as a good fit and I am still trying to decide if I want them all to match throughout all bathrooms or if I want to go with something a little more special to match the tile or just the over all look of the master bath.

In other news, today a temporary DSL line did get installed and we heard that eventually it could be upgraded to 25 mbps from 10 mbps.  Woohoo!  But they haven’t actually upgraded the service yet even though they have run the line to be able to do so…here’s hoping soon we won’t be living in the internet age of 10 years ago.  We do have some words for their original service tech and their service system that we can’t wait to get a follow up customer service survey for though!

Until next time…

Thanks for reading!


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