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Yesterday was day 135 and was the second and last day for hard flooring.  For us that is all of our luxury vinyl plank/tile which is most of our downstairs and the bathroom upstairs and the tile in our master bathroom. I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but did grab a few tonight.  We were expecting to have the house to ourselves when we got out there near 6pm, but we had some contractors in there still wrapping up from a project today, so I took a few pictures and cleared out of their way.


As you can see from Creative Kid rubbing his nose and looking at the counters, there is dust everywhere from today’s project.  More on that later.

Craft Studio.  You can see my floor outlet in the middle of the room, it’s where I plan to put a table holding my sewing machine and I didn’t want to be tripping over cords.

Here are a couple finished pictures from the tile in the master bath:

We originally heard from the tilers doing the shower (different crew than the floor) that they expected to be done with our shower on Tuesday, but obviously they are running behind.  It looks like they have about a third of the walls left to do and then they need to grout. The guy seemed to know our Field Manager well and I think he left the “why” on this note our FM left for the painters. ?

And finally to the surprise we walked into today!  We knew the stone people would finally be showing up this week but we remembered our FM saying Tuesday or Wednesday and honestly considering how much they put it off, I figured it was going to be Wednesday and never gave it another thought.  So we walked into this beauty!  It’s not done.  As you can see one piece is missing from the hearth and I’m sure they have mortaring or other such things to finish, but considering this was supposed to be done over 2 weeks ago, it was so nice to see.  I think they did a really good job with the box for our TV looks very even.

They of course had the floors covered but you could taste the dust in the air and even after they cleaned up there is an obvious layer of dust over everything.  It’s probably going to be a big job for our FM’s wife, who happens to clean houses and cleans all of our FM’s builds, to clean the house once all of this is done.  I’m glad it’s not me!

Tomorrow our DSL gets installed…during the infamous 4 our service window…hopefully they will show up as we didn’t get any sort of call today confirming it or anything. While I am there I am going to look over all of the shoe mold because I know I saw at least one piece that either had damage or paint scraped off.  Our FM left me a long strip of blue painters tape to mark any paint touch ups that we didn’t catch during the walk-thru last Friday and I will put it to good use.  Hopefully the DSL install will go well, we’ll get the final keystone installed (phone line for DSL) and then I can install the final wall plate.

In other news, I’m doing more packing, I set up our mail move with USPS for the end of the month, we have 2 appointments with landscapers to get some design ideas and some estimates, and our appliances have been scheduled for delivery and install.

One step closer…


Thanks for reading!


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