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So we have some pictures from today.  Trim is taking a little longer to finish, but it seems to be a real quality job which of course we appreciate.  Stone was scheduled to start yesterday for the fireplace and stone half wall, but none of that was going on yet…just the trim work being finished up.

As you can see, all the windows seem to be trimmed out now.

Wood caps were put on these half walls in the master bathroom.

The gaming loft has been finished.

Closet doors are now on Creative Kid’s bedroom and the guest bedroom/office.

But the biggest change has to be the stairs and railing. ?  I can’t wait to see the paint and stain!

Just a short update today.  We should be going out there this weekend to try to work on putting in our mailbox.  We got something to kind of match the feel of the house so it’s not going to be a basic install.  When you add that we can’t concrete it in per county rules, it may end up being quite an adventure. ?

Until then…

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