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Thursday was day 3 of Drywall and lots of progress was made, mostly downstairs.

Homeschool Room:


Master Bathroom:



Powder Room:


They were still working on our master bedroom when we left and the garage hadn’t been done yet either.  We assumed they would have some work on Friday to finish up with the basic drywall hanging and that next week would be mudding/taping/etc.

We also knew the well drillers were back out to put in the pump and bury the line between the well and the basement.  Here are the results!

We’re currently deciding on a water softener.  We got an estimate for a 45,000 gpm softener from the well company, but I’m not sold on the one quoted or the price so we need to do some research.  I do know that we want one that we service ourselves, I avoid service providers like the plague.

Finally, this was Day 1 of the Septic install!  Everything seemed to be going well other than a missed stump even after all the clearing we had done, but they were able to get it out of the ground.  Here’s some photos from day 1.

Well those are all the photos I have from day 1, I’ll make a second post about what all happened today, but it’s looking pretty good and we really appreciate our excavator/septic/driveway/elevation and topography guru who has totally transformed our water logged land into a very functional future lawn with great contours.

One nice thing we heard from him was a compliment on our choices on the elevation/outside of the house.  He said it didn’t look like the typical Wayne Homes home.  I was aiming for something more unique to our style and Wayne allowed me to do that, which was not something I was getting at most of the other builders.  I gave the same photo to Wayne that I gave one of the other local builders and all that builder came back with a cookie cutter craftsman style home.  I like the craftsman style, but I didn’t want a cookie cutter anything and frankly that style is so popular they’re beginning to all look alike to me.  I’m so happy we chose to go with the builder who could appreciate our vision and turn it into a reality.

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