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So I had briefly talked about and posted just 2 pictures of some writing we were doing on the walls of the house.  Many of the things we wrote were scriptures, but there were other sayings…things that have meaning to our life, things we wanted to remind ourselves about, things we wanted to declare and pray over Creative Kid or the house or our family, things our mothers used to say (who have both passed on)…that we wanted to write on the walls.  This will all get covered over by the drywall soon and we knew we had to finish it up.  We worked on part of it last weekend and did some additional writing yesterday.  We may do a couple more if something inspires us to write before drywall, but we’ve written A LOT this past week.

I’m not going to list where all of this is written, but suffice it to say, many of them are written in specific rooms for a purpose. Some are serious, a couple are just funny things my mom used to say that remind me of her, there are a few that are lyrics from favorite songs, but all of them have some reason for being there.


Editing this original post to add a few more that my husband had wrote that I didn’t get photos off originally:

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