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Bright and early this morning we got a call from the crew headed out to the land to drill the well.  This sign has been sitting by our driveway for several weeks, but the day had finally come and they wanted to check on a few things before they went out there. This is another one of those ‘we don’t know what the cost will be until we do it’ sort of things.  They give you an estimate but ultimately it comes down to how many feet they have to drill.  I hate the unknowns on cost, so I am glad to have this moving forward.

I also took some more photos of the siding work that was done yesterday.

As you can see, the shutters have also been installed.

There are still areas on the front that will need done in between the towers as well as the stone work on the towers themselves. About the only thing I’m not certain about is this dryer vent run that unfortunately was put out the front into the towers. It has a cap on it (lower right of photo) but I’m uncertain how it will look once the stone is put up around it.  I’m praying it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

They have also done some caulking to prepare for insulation and drywall.  I believe they may have been working on the furnace while we were there as well.  I believe the insulation should start soon.  Here’s some examples of the caulking and spray foam insulation that was done today.  They did a lot of fire resistant foam in any openings between floors as well to help slow down the spread of fire if there ever is one.  It plugged up our holes to drop our ethernet down to the basement but they are easy to knock out later when we need them.

That’s all for today!  We’ll be going back out in a couple days to finish our special project and run a few HDMI cables before drywall is installed.  Until then…

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