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We briefly went out to the land today and found no one there.  We were not quite sure if the rough in for the plumbing and HVAC were finished on Friday and didn’t know if anyone would be there, but we went out anyway because the ground should have been dried up enough for us to get the files off the trailcam.

While we were there I took a picture of where the well is set to be dug.  The well guy was figuring this is far enough out to accommodate our future sidewalk, I’m still on the fence if he is right.  I need to remember to take my tape measure out next time we’re there.  He said it’s 17 feet from the garage, but the front of the house sticks out from the garage and the porch sticks out further than that, plus I will want the sidewalk to go out straight for a bit before it turns towards the driveway.  I want there to be enough room for me to plant bushes or foliage plants to disguise where the pipe sticks up out of the ground.

While we were there, the plumbing inspector showed up, so I am going to guess that the plumbing rough in portion is indeed finished.  Assuming all went well with the inspection (he wasn’t there super long), the concrete will hopefully be poured in the next few days.

I also realized I didn’t include a look at what is going on in the basement with my last post.  Richard went down there last week and took a variety of photos of the plumbing and pipes being run.

Our perimeter is so long that we have 2 sump pumps.  This first picture is the one in the back.  It is also the location of the passive radon system that is mandatory for Union County.  It will be up to us if we want to pay to have it hooked fully up or not, which will require paying a radon company to come out and do the final work.

Here is the rough in for our future basement bathroom.  Basement bathrooms require an ejector pump and that is what is buried in the ground with the 2 framing boards around it.  We will build a closet around it when the time comes.  To the left of that closet will be a sink and then you can see the wider pipe which is where the toilet will go and the smaller pipe is the drain for the shower.  We plan to finish the bathroom with a large stand up shower. This project won’t be happening any time soon, but it is cheaper to do this now than to have to jack hammer out concrete to do this in the future.

Front sump pump.

The 2 basement windows.  Included were block windows, but I changed them to windows you can open.  They obviously wouldn’t be big enough for egress, but I like having an open-able basement window in case of emergency (smoke, fumes, being able to yell for help, etc).

Where they ended up putting the septic connection.  I think they ended up going back to the original location on the plans, which is fine by me.  There was some talk about moving it further back into the corner, but they must have changed their minds.


Beginnings of the gas line to the fireplace.

The basement has dried out a lot since our hard rains before the roof was completed.  Until the windows come in this week, there is still water that could get in if we have a slanting rain.  Hopefully the house will be resistant to the weather conditions by the end of the week.

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