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Yesterday we got rain…and more rain…and more rain.  The rain was measured in inches for the area we are building and we didn’t know what to expect when we showed up this evening.  I didn’t know how soaked the ground would be or how bad the house would be since we won’t have windows in for another week.

This is basically what the land looked like when we got there.  Our excavator/driveway/septic guy has really done such an awesome job up front with the way he regraded the land and put a pipe and trench in to care the water under the driveway and out to the side of the yard.  As you can see in the first pic, the water tends to come down from the neighbor’s property and pool. I’m sure our driveway would get washed out if he hadn’t put the pipe under the driveway.

The backyard back to where the septic will be in the woods is completely waterlogged.  We need to get back there to move all the wood logs that were cut up for us when the trees were removed, but with this kind of water that is not going to happen anytime soon.  We have a month or so before they need to be move, so I am hoping for a good weather weekend sometime before then.  The ruts from all the equipment has made the pooling worse.

Onto changes in the house.  The front hose bib hole and connection was put in as well as another pipe out the side.  The sump pump was going strong and kicking water out of that white hose.

Part of this work I am sure was done yesterday afternoon after we left, but here are some pics of additional plumbing work since my pics yesterday.

This connection in the garage is for a utility sink.

Laundry Room:

Pantry.  No plumbing needed for this room but you can see some of the piping running above it.

1st floor powder room:

Master Bathroom:

Kitchen, including some pics of the layout I missed yesterday.

Waterline for the refrigerator.  Seems like a pretty simple thing, but there’s a whole story behind how our last house this was done wrong by an ex-family member who insisted on helping and said he knew how to do it correctly.  He hooked it onto the wrong line. ?‍♀️

Kitchen desk was a must have for me to deal with all the mail and bill pay clutter.


Upstairs Bath:

Other random plumbing and HVAC lines run:

Additional notations and random things. ?

Finally, the start of a little personal project.  I saw this idea a while ago and wanted to do it and so I started tonight.  I’ll be adding scripture and quotes to our walls prior to drywall.  I have been picking out various things I want to write and pray over in each room.  Some rooms may have several things, other’s may have just one, but it’s something I wanted to do.  I started out with our bedroom and wrote part of the love chapter of 1st Corinthians, which we had read aloud at our wedding.

I also wrote a little something in the guest bedroom/office.

I have a lot more to do, but I wanted to get started.  Once we are all done, I want to take some time praying over the house and asking for God’s blessing and protection over our family there. ❤

Thanks for reading!


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