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Today I’m going to call the framing complete! We arrived to a nicely wrapped up house with shingles sitting on the top of the roof waiting to be installed.

Not only was the outside looking all nice and tidy, but the dumpster is full where they threw out all the extra pieces that was laying all over the work site as well as seemingly swept up a lot of sawdust and debris that was inside the house.

Some new arrivals!

So we walked in through the garage and they made a temporary platform stair to get in, which is nice.

One of the other things we noticed right away was that the tracks were in for the pocket doors, including the one for the craft room.  They found the mistake in the framing and fixed it.  Ignore Creative Kid’s lightsaber creation on the floor. ?

And as you can see from the picture of the new doorway in the craft room, the front door was installed!

Other details on the inside that were completed include framing of all the attic accesses.  There are 3 separate accesses because our hip roof technically is 3 separate parts.

The platform for the fireplace was framed out.

As you can see the floor is cleaned up and all the extra pieces are gone.

The frames for the tub ledges have been made.  These will eventually have granite on the top.

Also another little half wall that provides privacy to the commode area was framed out.

Still looking at changes downstairs and you can see the roof over the sunroom is now complete.

And the staircase to the basement was installed.  Also not pictured was the frame out of the wall closing off the staircase that goes upstairs.

Upstairs they put in temporary railing where the future permanent railing will go, thus making it much safer in the meantime.  We are always very careful when we have taken Creative Kid upstairs and he has a healthy fear of heights himself so he is always mindful of where he is, but still it’s nice to have the railing there for safety.

Again the upstairs is all cleaned up as well and it’s nice to be able to look through and see all the rooms framed out.

Another picture of all the roof trusses in the upstairs.

Now for the outside.  Here’s a view of the finished sunroom roof.

And a couple of the whole back of the house.

Excuse the strange angle as I was trying to do a panoramic and it didn’t come out so well. 😀

Now for the new front door and the porch overhang that was installed.  The door will be painted out black eventually to match the shingles and the shutters.

And a couple pics of the entire front of the house.

Well that’s a wrap for framing!  Next should be shingles and the rest of the doors and windows.  We’re supposed to do a framing walk through with our Field Manager sometime this week and then we should be doing a walk through with the electrician soon after that.







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