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What a difference a couple days make!  Tonight we pulled up to this sight!  We have a roof!

And a few things new things were delivered!  A few doors and locks!  That first one is a paid upgrade that I wanted…a HINGED patio door.  I’m so tired of sliding glass doors and trying to keep things out of the tracks.  I would have loved a double hinged door but the cost is much more for the double, versus a fixed pane and a single hinged door.

As well as these babies.  I have included 4 pocket doors in the house.  Two of them for the pantry and the laundry room where I don’t want the door swinging open to take up space inside the room because they are on the smaller side.  I’m also putting one in my craft room so I can full utilize my wall space for organization. That is the one that currently is framed out with no opening that they will have to fix, in more was than one because of the pocket door. The last one is for the upstairs bathroom because we added a linen closet behind the door and I didn’t like the possibility of people knocking the doors into one another if someone failed to close one of the doors all the way before opening the opposite door.  It’s Creative Kid’s bathroom…the likelihood is high that I would have had scratched up doors in no time. 😀

It seems they have done a lot of detail work as well as most of the roofing.  Here are some pictures of the newly framed out fireplace.

It looks like they have also put the staircase together to go to the basement, but for now it is sitting in the homeschool room.

Some other small details they have added is this little half wall where for the other side of the master soaker tub.

They have also insulated the area underneath the window where that tub will be installed.

The have framed out the side of the 2nd island that faces the great room.  This wall will eventually have stone on it to match the fireplace and the towers on the front of the house, the back side will have cabinetry and a countertop.

Some other pieces they finished up at the top of the room transition.

Onto some of the actual roof work that was done.

They got part of the area that extends to the sunroom done (the middle picture above), but the sunroom itself is still a work in progress.

In the upstairs you can see where they are taking the wood out through the window to finish off the sunroom.

However, from the sunroom you can see the new chimney.

Another picture of part of the roof from outside.  The overhangs are looking a lot more finished off.

A couple pics of the foyer area and the half round window framing.  Richard and I are in love with the foyer.  So. Much. Room.  Seriously, people would trip over each other trying to find space to all get in and shut the door before trying to put their coats away in the coat closet in our old house.  Our coat closet is a little further in, but we have so much room in the foyer for people to immediately get in out of the elements if need be.

And of course there’s a lot of cleanup ahead.  There are pieces everywhere from cutting the boards to fit and a ton of dust everywhere, not just from cutting pieces, but from the rain water that came in several times washing it all onto the floor.

But our permits stay dry, in this makeshift tube. 😀

So here’s a final picture of the house as it stands tonight.  It’s so cool to be able to see the roof through the trees as we are coming down the road.

There was one piece of bad news however when we were coming down our road and we don’t know what this will mean for our build. 🙁

Thanks for reading!


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