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Today  we went out to the build site after we had some nice hot weather this morning to dry up part of the water.  We last stopped by briefly on Friday and we were getting deluged with pop up storms, so we couldn’t stay very long and get pictures.

But we have a 2nd floor!  Yay!  We took lots of pictures, including some we forgot the other day and found a pretty obvious error while we were there as well.  Nothing to hard to correct, but something we will definitely be contacting our field manager about so it gets corrected soon.  Without further ado, here’s some photos!

First up is a photo in the garage of what will be Richard’s workshop area.  It’s a nice size little corner I think and there is plenty of extra space before you get to where the cars will be to places pieces while Richard is working on a project.  Plus it’s right next to the service door in case he needs to take something outside to work on it and we also added a utility sink to the garage not far from this nook as well.


Continuing on with pictures of rooms we didn’t get on Wednesday, is the formal dining room.  Or should I say, what WOULD be the formal dining room, but this will be our homeschool room!  I’m so excited for our homeschool to have it’s own room.

A photo looking the other way into the kitchen, dining area and sunroom.

Moving on to another room we didn’t photograph on Wednesday and here is where we find the error.  This is to be my craft room.  It is what WOULD be a formal living room…we don’t do formal living rooms in this family, so my craft room gets to be on the first floor. Woohoo!  But this is supposed to be the entrance to the room.  Anyone see the problem here?  I guess you have to slide sideways between the studs to get in. ?

Here’s a better picture of the craft room.  I took it from the inside of the coat closet for now. 😀

Now for some pictures of the upstairs!  Coming up the stairs and turning to your right will be a gaming loft.  It will have railing that will match the banisters and rails on the stair case and will look out over the great room.

It’s a pretty good sized room.  If anyone had been to our old house, you would know we have an extensive board game and console collection starting at Colecovision and Atari on up.  We plan to house all of that, Creative Kid’s homemade Lego table and anything else game related in this room.

Here is a picture of the stairs going down into the 2 story foyer.

If you go to the top of the stairs and turn left, after a short few steps  you will be facing the upstairs bathroom.  It’s not a huge bathroom, but still probably bigger than our upstairs bath at our old house and only Creative Kid and guests will be using it so I think it will work out fine.

Facing the bathroom door, if you turn right you will go into the guest bedroom/office.  We are still trying to figure out our furniture for this room as we want it to be comfortable enough for guests, but will function as an office 90% of the time.  This room’s windows overlook the downstairs sunroom and the backyard.

Richard and I have contemplated a project in some distant future of changing the roof line over the sunroom and making a 2nd story deck above that whole area.  Who knows if we will ever do it or not, but it’s nice to look at all the possibilities.  A downstairs deck will be built hopefully next year off to the right of this picture with the plan to put a pool eventually behind and a little further right of the deck.

This room still needs the closet to be framed out and that appears to maybe be the only thing left that needs framed upstairs. This is looking towards the front from the guest room and where the closet should be.  We stole a little bit of this closet space to make a linen closet for the upstairs bathroom.  In the original layout, the closet is in a different area outside the bathroom in the hallway, but that was removed when we created the loft space from the 4th bedroom.  So the wider gap you see to the left is actually the door to the linen closet from the bathroom.

Looking down into the great room from the guest bedroom.  Obviously this view will go away when the drywall goes up.

Finally, if you turned left from the bathroom you would find Creative Kid’s new room!  His room is in the front of the house and he will have a nice view from up there.  This room is slightly bigger than the guest room so when we came to figuring out which room he should have, this one won out.  Plus we didn’t want to have to take from his room’s closet for the linen closet.

The view from CK’s window.

His closet is framed out and goes almost the full length of his room on one side.

The full view of the 2 story foyer.  I’m already thinking about maybe adding a shelf up there above the door  around the 2nd story floor level to add some decor eventually….we shall see.

And there you have it folks, all of our rooms are about done with framing.  The ceiling for the 2nd floor and a few odds and ends look to need finished, but then it will just be the roof. The roof though will be quite a big project.  Unfortunately there is more rain in the forecast next week.  ‘Tis the season for hot, humid pop up thunderstorms.


Thanks for reading!


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