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While we didn’t go out to the build site today, we were in contact with our Field Manager who let us know the footer forms should have been done today and the footers poured tomorrow.  Originally he thought they should have been done today and he seemed a bit irritated that they weren’t, but again, if the next people in the process are running behind then this really isn’t setting us back anything.  We had a decent sized pop up storm this afternoon because of the heat and I wouldn’t be surprised if that had something to do with it.

We also received a letter in the mail today from our closing coordinator at Wayne Homes.  She laid out the schedule for the draws from our loan now that we’ve broken ground.  The bank paid WH an initial 10% of the loan when the loan closed.  We have been reimbursed for some of the PPI money we have already paid from that 10% and they have broken ground and will get through waterproofing our foundation before they take the next withdraw from the bank.  We have to authorize this withdraw and obviously it is time sensitive so we don’t slow down the build.  This person will help coordinate those draws.

She also attached a list of what money we have already used for our PPIs and what money we have left over.  Right now the items we paid for was less than we set aside, but we know that other PPIs are going to go over by quite a bit.  Our septic estimate was $1,000 more than we set aside and the driveway is going to be several thousand more.  On the other hand, our well contractor gave us an estimate of up to 200 feet but thinks he will only have to drill around 120 based on previous experience on that road.  We could save a couple thousand dollars on that PPI if that ends up being the case.

Since you cannot adjust the loan after closing, any deficit we will ultimately have to come up with out of our own pocket. I advise anyone going down this path, to make sure you have all estimates back in before your loan closes and that you add in extra padding in case things don’t go as planned.  We had so many things going on with the sale of our house, moving, our pre-construction meeting going awry with bad weather and being passed off to multiple people and then being worried about closing quickly so we didn’t lose our rate lock (interest rate had went up) that we definitely did not sit down and really examine this part of the process enough.  Don’t make the same mistake!

Sorry, no new pictures today, but we will be getting some new ones tomorrow and maybe a new timelapse!

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