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I am calling this post framing day 3 because it rained all day yesterday and I can’t imagine they got anything done, I doubt they even bothered to drive to the site!  When we got there this evening we drove up to this view.  Yay!

It was so nice to finally see part of the house sticking up out of the ground!  We did some walking around and took it all in.

Here is the garage door and the service door entrance.  And the following are a few pictures from that entrance looking into the house.

Here starts some pictures that will eventually be our master bedroom.

Here is the frame up of the entrance to our walk in closet and in the back you can see our master bath.  The window is centered above where our garden tub will be installed.

A closer picture of the window.  The framing to the right of the window is our linen closet and the framing to the left of the window is where our separate shower will be.

Next are some pictures from the foyer looking back into the great room.  When the stairs are installed you won’t be able to see as much of the great room as you can right now in this picture.

Here is a picture of where the stairs will go in down to the basement.

Here is a picture going the other direction of the main door/foyer area.

Here is a photo of the sunroom.

This corner is where our laundry room and the walk in pantry will be.  I can’t wait to have a walk in pantry and a laundry room that isn’t in the basement.  I really can’t describe how much these little things make me soooo happy!  😀

A picture looking the other direction.  There is a hallway into the main part of the house from the laundry room and walk in pantry.  I have chosen to save room in those rooms (as they aren’t huge) by putting pocket doors on both of them.  This corridor will open up into the breakfast area (which will function as our dining room) and kitchen.

A couple pics of the inside of the garage.  It is definitely a lot bigger than our old one and includes an area around the corner to the right in the first picture for Richard to have a workshop.

Now for some pictures of the outside.  Here is the back of the garage/corner of the house. The part to the right of the window is Richard’s garage workshop, the window itself is above the utility sink in the laundry room.

The sunroom from the outside.

Looking to the left of the sunroom is the great room and our master bath.

A panoramic across the back of the house.

Again, the 2 story great room and the master bath.

If you look to the right on this picture you will see the side of the sunroom and the patio door location.  For now we will just have a small wooden stoop at that door but eventually this back area will be where the deck will go.

The master suite.  At one point I thought, oh maybe we should have added windows to the side to give more light to our bedroom.  Then I remembered that because we flipped the house our master suite on this side is not horribly far away from our neighbor’s driveway and I am glad we didn’t add windows on the side.

The front, right side of the house.  The closest window is the master suite, but the window closer to the front entrance is my craft studio.  I don’t think we got any pictures of that room or the homeschool room which in the plan is a formal dining room.

Another view of that side.  With Creative Kid in the foreground, you can really see the scale.

A picture of that side including the door/foyer area.  The foyer is open through the 2nd story and I made a custom change to the plan to go for a curved window in the upper part instead of a square one.  I love it!

Moving to the other side of the house, the window closest to the door opening is the homeschool room.  Until Creative Kid is probably in his teen years and can lead his own schooling and much more of it is online, this “dining room” will stay the homeschool room.  Probably around high school we will covert it back to a dining room or something else entirely.

Finally, a window was added to the garage when we decided to do a side entry.  I like that it gives the whole house some symmetry, but will also add a lot of natural light to the garage which we didn’t have at our old house.


A panoramic of the front of the house.

Oh and here are a couple more of the roof trusses.  Up close you can really see how many they are and how many different types of pieces there are although I still don’t think these pics show the reality of them.  Our hip roof I am sure adds to the complexity of the trusses.

Well that’s it for today.  I don’t know if we will get back out there before this weekend, but you never know.



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