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We made a trip out to the build this evening to see if the lumber was delivered as we were told it would be today or tomorrow and sure enough we pulled up to lots of stacks of lumber and other boards, posts, etc.  We also have a dumpster on site finally.  So now if I want to clean up when I find things, I have a place to put them instead of remembering to bring a bag from home, which sadly I never do until I am out there.  We forgot to bring the ladder so we don’t have any video yet of it being dropped off, but we plan to go out there again this weekend.

As you can see it’s a lot of lumber and I took some more up close pictures of a few of the product brands.

Now for the sad (?) news.  Mr. Turtle is still in the basement!  I don’t know where he went Sunday afternoon, but he either hid well in the rocks where we couldn’t find him or he fell down in the sump pump hole and was finally able to get out when it rained hard yesterday as the water level would have rose in the sump crocks.  Either way he was there, but in a different area and was covered in a coat of mud.

We have put in a message to our Field Manager to see if whomever goes out there next could get him out.  I’m not worried about him not having anything to drink, because like I said it rained yesterday and there are little pockets of water on the floor of the basement, but certainly I am worried about him starving to death because we know he’s been in there since at least Sunday morning and could have been in there since Friday night as we were last there prior to Sunday morning on Friday afternoon.

If we don’t hear back from our Field Manager by the time we go out there this weekend, I will bring a head of lettuce to throw down there just in case. Poor little guy.

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