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Out at our build there were 2 crews going today, one doing the backfill on the house and one clearing more trees. They managed to work around each other and both got a lot accomplished.

First off, backfill.  The crew did an excellent job doing the backfill and a bit of grading.  When the placement was first explained to us and how one side would have more of the foundation exposed, I thought it was going to look really extreme and odd, but what we have right now is not awkward looking at all.  You can barely noticed the lower grade starting at the right hand corner.

It is so nice to be able to go right up to the edge of the foundation now and look in and see the base.

Here’s a bunch of shots from up close.  As I said, I don’t think any of it looks odd or different than I would expect it to look.  Our excavator/septic/driveway guy did a really good job regrading and reshaping our land to help with the water issues and I think when we get done it will look like the land has always been this way.

Here is the area where the front door and front stoop would be.  I don’t envy the person who had to get down in this hole to do the waterproofing.  Some of the area under what will be the concrete stoop was filled in with dirt.  I expect more materials will be added later to build it up.

As you can see, for now our permits are in a PVC pipe with caps to keep them dry from the rain until the outside structure is complete.

Here are some pictures of how the garage was filled in.  A lot of rock had to go in here and they have left a small pile of extra rock here.

And while they were doing the backfill, the holes around the sump pump pits/crocks were filled in.

And now that we can get close enough to peer down inside, we can see up close the last footer was filled in when the concrete was poured.  We thought it was done at that time, but with all of the frames sitting around we couldn’t get a good picture.

As you could see from the pictures, the landscaping company was still on site working when we got there.  They also got a lot done, but unfortunately will still need one more day.  They said that day may be tomorrow, but looking at the forecast I have my doubts they will be able to finish tomorrow.  We plan to go out to the land and work one day for a few hours over the 3 day weekend, but Sunday is looking like the better day.

You can really start to see the clearing behind the front line of trees.  We were originally going to take out some of those trees, and we may still need to at some point when we want to put in a pool, but for now they are going to stay.

Then there was this funny sight.  A tree still suspended in mid air by the branches at the top being woven together with near by trees, even though the trunk was already cut away.

And finally, here is a timelapse of today’s work.


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