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This morning shortly after my husband touched down in Nashville for a business trip, he received a call from the zoning inspector.  The guy that signed off on our zoning permit yet wanted us to provide him with a bunch of additional documentation before we broke ground and had given us lectures about the setbacks…even after we explained that we knew about the setbacks because we already had to deal with our neighbor violating it and building slightly onto our land.  Yeah, that guy.

So he calls Richard and tells him that he’s concerned about our placement and thinks we’re cutting it close.  Now keep in mind, we already knew we had a wide house on a narrow lot and had the placement verified to within 4-6 inches by our surveyor when Wayne Homes requested it before we broke ground.

Richard told him that we had the surveyor out to double check it and he could talk to the surveyor if he wanted and the inspector said it looked awfully close, but also said he trusts Richard.  Seriously, this guy is going to be a thorn in our sides and a stressor on my sanity.

If you think it looks close then go measure it and when you see we are at 34 ft on one side and 36 ft on the other side, I don’t want to hear another thing about it!  We already sat through his lectures about how even the roof overhang and such cannot violate the setback.  We know, we know!  Please stop making me paranoid about it since we already verified with a surveyor…the same surveyor that found the issue with our neighbor’s barn being built on the corner of our lot.  We have completely confidence in him!

Yet now I am paranoid and will feel much better once we go out and remeasure it ourselves now that there are walls and not just a stick to measure from. My head knows it’s fine but my personality requires me now to check.

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