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Today they removed the forms from the basement walls and it looks awesome!

We couldn’t resist a drive out there to look at it and it was so nice to actually see the walls and what it looks like.  And hey we won’t see but so much of the outside of the walls after this week because the next step is waterproofing and backfill and I believe both of those are set to happen this week.

I’m loving the stamped brick look.  I have even seen some interesting pics on the internet of people who have painted the basement walls to look like real bricks and while I like the look, it would be a waste of time since we plan to eventually finish the basement and all that hard work would be covered up when we do framing and insulation.

There are odd areas where there was no footer at the backs of the garage.  I assume it has something to do with how the walls meet up and having to leave room to put in the forms, but whatever the reason it leaves a significant gap that allowed Richard and Creative Kid to get into the garage area and look around.

It’s hard for me to realize how big the house really is when I look at the footprint.  I know it’s big, but for some reason it’s hard for me to see just how big.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t crawled down into the pit any of these times, but I start to see it when I look at these pictures and see how far Richard and CK look from where I was standing on the other side of the basement when I took the picture.

As you can see a spray painted pink dashed line on some of the walls.  We believe this is where the waterproofing will stop at because part of our basement walls will be exposed.  This is because of the elevation and grading that was chosen so that our house sits up out of any potential water issues.

As we were getting ready to leave, we met our new neighbor to the west of us (the only other house you can see in any of these pictures).  This is the only neighbor directly around us that we haven’t met before.  She seemed nice and talked to us for about 15 minutes before we needed to leave.  It was nice to meet her and we look forward to meeting the rest of her family.

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