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Okay, so all of this actually happened on Day 19, but we finally got the videos off the camera this weekend!  As I said on Friday, we could not stick around because Creative Kid got sick.  We went back to get the videos off the camera today (Sunday) and took a couple pictures.  There’s really not a lot you can see since the forms are still up until Monday, but if you look closely you can see the forms are now filled in with concrete and there is rebar sticking up from the concrete except where the garage doors are located.

A couple of things we noticed is that there must have been some concrete left over as there was extra randomly put in the garage area in one patch and some put in a spot on the driveway.  About the only thing I can say is that I am slightly irritated by the amount of trash that is all over the job site as even an aluminum can seemed to get concreted into our driveway now as there must have been one sitting there when they poured the excess as you can see the rim of it in the concrete.

I’m hoping the crew will pick up after themselves when they come back to remove the forms, but I’m not counting on it.  I imagine we will have to spend a couple hours soon going out there to pick up the plethora of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, fast food trash, etc that is scattered all over the job site right now.

Here is our timelapse from Friday, when the rest of the forms went up and the concrete was poured.

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